Renown photographer Aram Dikiciyan, is set to open his latest collection of works at the popular spot of Clear Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo on Friday January 16. Dikiciyan started his career, documenting the Berlin street scene from the late 80’s, for 10 years. After awarded the Bronze prize for “Still Life Photography of the year” at the Lead Awards, he moved to Tokyo, lives and works here ever since.

Although his photographs have been introduced through various advertisements, fashion magazines, and other commercial medias, Dikiciyan has been considered as a photographer with highly artistic expression, which lead to the representation by one of the most prestigious photo galleries in Berlin, CAMERA WORK from 2008.

Through photography I try to create poetry.
Expressing myself.
I try to show moments.
I try to show beauty.
Because my photography has evolved as it changed my life.
Because I like to believe in light captured through darkness.
Because of time.
Because of love.
Because we have to do something.
Aram Dikiciyan