Back with a vengeance at Team Gallery this month, artists Cory Arcangel, Guillaume Pinard and Jon Routson are presenting a new collection of video, sound and print pieces in what is ostensibly a continuation of their foray into the darkly funny and strangely nauseating. Arcangel, for one, will be exhibiting his new video arrangement of Schoenberg’s Three Piano Pieces, painstakingly created by editing hours of YouTube footage of cats playing on pianos to create the illusion of a note-by-note rendition, whilst Pinard continues his studies of bold colour and geometric compositions with several Flash animations of a land inhabited only by animals and insects pitted against each other in grotesque skirmishes. And all this whilst circular projections of images – including unflattering portraits of Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney – rotate on walls in Routson’s exhibition of his Spinners Series. In what promises to be one of Team Gallery’s greatest exhibitions of the year, Arcangel, Pinard and Routson are demonstrating that nothing is better paired with innovation than a little bit of queasiness! The exhibition will run until the 31st of July.