Arden have revisited there initial Range Rover LM AR7 design that surfaced last year. Going back to the drawing board the main feature is the improved power in the SUV and the addition of “Highlander” to the name.

Tata’s favorite tuner who specializes on the Jaguar and Land Rover brands originally took the standard 400hp supercharged Jaguar sourced V8 engine and increased its displacement up to 4.5 liters to bring total power output to 480hp and 650Nm of torque – but that was soooo last year. Now in 2008 Arden have added a new high-performance twin-screw supercharger which brings the power up to 520 hp and 701 Nm of torque, although the performance figures remain the same with the0-100km/h time staying at 6.5 seconds whist top speed remains at 240km/h.