‘Recording New York’s downtown art scene in the early eighty’s, shooting snowboarders and skateboarders in motion and at rest, or chronicling the vicissitudes of his own family life, Ari Marcopoulos unerringly captures the zeitgeist in this mid career survey’. Within Arms Reach is a look at the the works so far from photographer Ar Marcopoulos opening on the 23nd September 2009 at UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive until February 7th 2010. Occupying two large galleries in the museum, a selection of more than ninety photographs spanning the artist’s career including formats from gelatin silver, chromogenic, and inkjet prints in various sizes to poster-scale black-and-white photocopies. Interspersed among the photographs in the galleries will be flat-screen monitors showing the artist’s videos, and his artist’s books and zines will be presented in vitrines. 


Source Glob