Steven Harrington is the latest artist to collaborate with Arkitip in the form of their 52nd issue. The 96 page issue comes with Harrington created Scarf and Bookmark, and is available now for $40 or $45 signed by the artist. Details here. arkitip0052-steven_harrington-detail3

Steven Harrington lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from owning and operating National Forest Design with fellow artist Justin Krietemeyer, he still finds time to work on both commissioned and self-inspired art projects of his own.

Influenced by images discovered in Time Life Encyclopedias 1965-1982, thrift stores and Bill Withers, his art might be termed contextual objectivism. He views each piece he creates as a tangible object that is part and parcel of a larger context; the object helps define the context and the context helps define the object. Whatever feel or meaning the observer takes away from the piece belongs to the observer. Nothing is shoved down his or her throat. Discovery is the key.

He has exhibited work in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Montreal, Tokyo, Melbourne, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, and Berlin.