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Whether you’re going to be getting your artsy on down at Miami Art Basel from December 5-8 or not, nothing impresses people like knowing what’s going down in the art world — comic books don’t count, unless it’s Batman: The Dark Knight.

So drop any of the following 8 artists into the following line “Did you hear ______ is gonna be at Basel this year? He/She is the next big thing” and you’ll be good to go.

8 Artists Heading to Miami For Art Basel 2013

Tracey Emin

tracey emin

[Photo Credit: Commons]

Tracey Emin, the 50-year-old YBAs — Young British Artists — fixture made her name with her “Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1964-1995” exhibition for which she, you called it, put her whole sexual history blast by scrawling the names of partners across the inner walls of a camping tent.

She’ll be taking over the entire Miami Museum of Contemporary Art for “Angel Without You”

Tim Youd


[Photo Credit: Huffington Post]

Tim Youd misses typewriters. He missed them so much that he’s created a whole series of performance art events where he retypes — and reads out-loud — famous literature. The Los Angeles artist was at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, CA doing Tom Wolfe’s NASA-centric The Right Stuff, and he’ll make his way to Miami to hammer through Elmore Leonard’s LA crime caper Get Shorty at Aqua Hotel.

Kendrick Lamar


[Photo Credit: Miami New Times]

Yeah, Kendrick’s a rapper, but he’ll be in Miami too, performing at a private party Wednesday, December 4th at the Mana Wynwood Sound Studio. He’s bringing Vanessa Beecroft, the artist behind the Yeezus Tour stage design, to show off some of the mountain crags and creepy red-eyed beasts featured in Kanye’s show.

Piet Hein Eek


[Photo Credit: Paper Magazine]

When it comes to flipping recycled wood, Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek is the go-to guy. He’s created a large-scale installation of Ruinart Champagne boxes for the Basel Art Collector’s Lounge.

Doug Aitken


[Photo Credit: Art Observed]

On September 6th, Doug Aitken and his merry band of artists and musicians set out from NYC for a three-week train trip west.  The traveling art show, “Station To Station”, has been causing trouble — like unleashing a brightly costumed marching band on Pittsburgh — in artistically disadvantaged cities throughout the US.

Aitken will be presenting “Station To Station” on December 5th.

Angela Glajcar


[Photo Credit: Paper Magazine]

Miami’s Ritz-Carlton is getting treated to a makeover thanks to German artist Angela Glajcar, whose giant floating, fabric sculpture, “Light and Paper”, will blanket the hotel’s lobby throughout Art Basel.



[Photo Credit: Hyper Allergic]

Ok, maybe Banksy isn’t actually slated to make an identity revealing appearance at any of the Basel events, but the bandage-covered heart balloon that he painted on a Red Hook, BK wall during his October residency is going on the sales block thanks to the Stephan Keszler Gallery.