Art For the Masses’ exhibition opened last Friday featuring 5 of the most celebrated Chinese contemporary artists of today, showcasing artwork from Yue Min Jun, Zhou Chun Ya, Liu Ye, Zhou Tie Hai, and Jin Nu.

Hosted at the Museum of Tomorrow (MOT) Arts gallery in Taiwan, the exhibition will also see for the first time all five of these artists express their respective creative talents in the form of three dimensional figures/ sculptures. The centerpiece being a Kaws Companion collaboration with Yue Min Jun’s ‘Smiling Man’.


Yue Min Jun having already achieved phenomenal success worldwide, just late last month (28th of May) sold yet another great piece named ’Gweong Gweong’ at a record setting price of just under 7 million US Dollars (HK$54,087,500) at the Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. This is a sure indication of the tremendous growth in the popularity of Chinese Contemporary Arts.

The Exhibition will run for a month until the 27th of July. And the figures will be available for sale at the event limited to 100 sets for each design. I’m sure by now you will have completely forgotten the Chinese names mentioned above. So visit the official website here for a visual overview of the exhibition details (I say visual because the site is … in Chinese). Or just have a look at the image below.


Thanks for the info from MOTstyle via Supertouch.