Last year, Vanity Fair and Cadillac got together to commission artists Shepard Fairey, Retna, and Kenny Scharf to create three murals for the West Hollywood Public Library in Los Angeles. The works were then captured by David LaChapelle in an eight-page custom portfolio for Vanity Fair.

The two brands follow up their editorial and promotional concept entitled “Art in the Streets: New York” with a new work created by Barry McGee. The partnership extends to include the partnership of the Mark Morris Dance Group, and BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music),and the mural entitled “Untitled 2012” is located on the exterior wall of the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Like last year, the work was captured by Jason Schmidt for the December issue of Vanity Fair.

Visit Art in the Streets for more images and a behind-the-scenes video of the mural.

Source: HS