Having enjoyed so much success in Los Angeles in September, the Art Of Music exhibition is set to open in Stockholm. A great exhibition curated by Thomas Subreville is presented by ill-Studio and Carhartt featuring a showcase of artists who portray their visual interpretation of music . The 15 artists on hand include Josh Petherick, Museum Studio, Steven Harrington, iLL-Studio, //DIY, Alter, P.A.M., Ryan Waller, SO-ME, Sanghon Kim, La Boca, Smal & Paze, Artus de Lavilléon, French and Stefan Marx,

“The Art of Music reflects upon the profound influence that music has on art and simultaneously art has on music and recognises their common creative approach. The leading idea of the show emphasises the fact that artists tastes in music are always strongly related to their work. Each artist has been asked to design the poster for the concert of his or her dream, including the line-up of choice and in any venue imaginable whether existing or not.”