Off the back of their very successful Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Marilyn Minter and so many other great artists towels, the Art Production Fund have released a new series of towels just in time for Christmas. This time, teaming up with Yoshitomo Nara and Peter Doig, the proceeds go toward supporting public art projects. Each towel is 60 x 70″ (double width) in size and made of 100% cotton, priced at $95.

Not only available online through Works on Whatever, but at a Pop Up Shop at 15 Wooster St, NYC, open from December 19th through till the 24th (12 – 8 pm) Dec. 24 (10-2pm).

Yoshitomo Nara is a Japanese artist currently living and working out of Tokyo. His pop inspired works take inspiration from punk rock and kids animation to play with our ideas of childhood and innocence.  Featuring children in blissful poses  his paintings often poses a darker vision, at first glance they appear to be cute and even vulnerable, but on closer inspection they are in fact brandishing weapons and knives.

Scottish artist Peter Doig is one of the world’s foremost painters.  His style of “painting by proxy” (or basing his compositions on found photography in books, postcards, etc..) lends his unique trademark style of complex yet abstract landscapes a detached and tranquil, almost other worldly feel.  Based in Trinidad and a professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Dusseldorf Germany, the former Turner Prize nominee is perhaps best known for his work “White Canoe” as when it sold at auction in 2007 for $11.3 million it was the most anyone had ever paid for a living European artist.


Source: Al Moran