Reports of the arrest and detaining of Chinese artist, activist and philosopher Artist Ai Weiwei have spread like wildfire. The 53 year old had not been heard from since last Sunday when he was stooped by Chinese authorities when trying to board a flight at Beijing airport. Mr Ai had not completed his neccessary his “departure procedures” to fly to Taiwan, which Chinese citizens are required to hold a special permit to visit. Police later raided Ai Weiwei’s Beijing studio in which they confiscated hundreds of items and questioned his assistants and family. According to reports his arrest was not “sensible or reasonable” with US, French and German governments calling for his release.

In August 2009 Chinese police beat him to the extent that Mr Ai had to undergo emergency brain surgery. Ai Weiwei has been known for his criticism of the government for years and according to artist Hao Guang, Ai Weiwei “has known for a long time this day was coming.” Mr Ai’s disappearance is the latest in a string of crack downs by the Chinese government, targeting human rights lawyers, activists and artists.

The large scale art project by Mr Ai set to be presented by Pulitzer Fountain outside the Plaza Hotel in New York is said to be going ahead even if he is not present. For the full story visit the Telegraph.

Source: Purple Diary and The Telegraph