Here is an audacious piece of “performance art” from Berlin based artist Natascha Stellmach, who will smoke Kurt Cobain’s cremated ashes with the intention of “release[ing] Cobain from the media circus and into the ether.” It is beyond me how someone with these intentions could get there hands on anyone’s ashes let alone the iconic figures ashes. Entitled “Set Me Free” details of this act doesn’t stop there…

“Stellmach’s work comprises a ‘death cycle’ of five pieces. The first, a suicide contemplation, entitled It is Black in Here, is a sound piece, written and read by the artist. It was recorded onto a specifically pressed record and is played on a vintage record player. The six-minute poetic meditation on death’s proximity ends with the word ‘gone’.”

“‘Near Death Experience,’ is a text-based work where Kurt Cobain, Adolf Hitler, Diane Arbus and the Brothers Grimm meet in a twilight zone. Two more works, ‘Black Scan’ and ‘Untitled,’ accentuate the purgatory to which dead celebrities are condemned―a large photographic print has the words “Set me free” written in the ashes of Cobain―preempting the climactic work. In ‘Gone,’ Stellmach presents a joint containing Cobain’s ashes, which is held in an antique case engraved with the work’s title. Stellmach intends to smoke this joint at a secret Berlin location with patrons of her work. It represents both the completion of the conceptual project and the final act in an exhibition bound to provoke wide public debate.”

Thanks to Anthem for the info.

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  1. Nirvana_666

    wtf?? how would u get his ashes? courtney love says that the ash were stolen. so how would u b able to get them?