Personally one who appreciates a classic automobiles, this creation from Audi will perhaps change my views. The car is called the Audi-O and was designed by Odrej Jirec and has the effect cartoons like the Jetsons had on us with a futuristic look beyond its years of creation. Actually quite simple in it’s form it has been inspired by Apple products that continue to create a lot of talk. While the design features that stand out have to be the LED headlights and an amazing piece of glass framed by red tail lights in addition to the windscreen which doubles as the roof.


There is more mind blowing work with the amazing sound system, which would be able to connect to other cars like it via bluetooth, making party’s on the beach bigger than ever. The features do not stop there as the Audi-O comes equipped with a set of turntables. Impressive, is an understatement for this extremely well executed design from Odrej Jirec.

Thanks to Kitsune Noir for the info.