Kaikai Kiki collective artist Aya Takano, as with Murakami himself, works with Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, leading to big exposure outside of Japan.

Perhaps more than any other Kaikai Kiki artist, Takano’s work is the exemplification of Japan’s post-war cultural affluence, and its overwhelmingly diverse, yet aesthetic unification of information. With inspirations varying from 14th Century Italian religious painting to alien evidence to MTV, Takano’s worlds are shiny and futuristic, yet soft and full of traditional and sensual imagery. Her drawings and paintings in which lively, female characters float and contort their waiflike bodies, convey a passionate drive toward creation.

In Japan, Takano is prolific as a manga artist, illustrator, and science fiction essayist. She has several serialized publications, and is regularly featured in subculture articles. In the art markets of Europe and America, her paintings and drawings are enthusiastically received.

Gallerie Emmanuel Perrotin, famous for bringing artists into huge reputations conducted this interview with Takano.

For those not familar with her work, heres a sample of some of our favourite pieces.






Source: BBC/HB