While I am certain the installation Banksy had already set up at the much talked about “Art in the Streets” Exhibition at MOCA was one of the most talked about, it appears the Bristol born artist has revised his work. One piece that stands out is the the hazmat suite clad golf pair with their golf cart taking the place of the asphalt roller, which has been moved outside and sacrificed Yogi bear into a pancaked, bloody mess. Also, referring to the See Saw animatronic installation setup during preparations for Marks and Stencils last winter, the gasmask wearing golfers are enjoying post-apocolyptic martinis while lining up putts on the museums 18th green.

The Living Room mural first seen in Camden has been updated with two new panels, along with a yardsale-style, generic landscape canvas repurposed with the saying,“Subject to availability for a limited period only”, commentary on the degradation of our environment.

Thanks to Arrested Motion for the images.