Currently up for sale on ebay is a rare original Banksy “Anarchy Rats” artwork. Removed from the exterior concrete wall of a building in Berlin’s Mitte district, the stencil piece appeared alongside a number of other stencil characters (mainly rats) during Banksy’s tour of Berlin back in 2003, when he was invited to take part in the Backjumps Live Issue Urban Art Festival that summer.


The piece up for sale depicts one of his iconic rats, paint brushing an anarchy “A”. The piece was removed and restored to the highest professional standards with authorization and support from the District Council of Berlin. The upside-down exclamation mark and the remains of three stencilled cowboy heads are additions by street artists from Berlin and could be removed by successful bidders so they wished.



A rare opportunity to own an important piece of street art history from one of the most popular and least understood artist of this decade.

Take a look at the auction here.