Banksy has paid homage to fellow street artist TOX, who has been caught up in the British Transport Police’s endeavor to get graffiti of the streets with “Operation Misfit” making its mark. Set to appear in court over charges relating to street art, Bansky has provided his support with a signature piece of work in Tox’s hometown of Camden. With Banksy in some ways becoming a metaphor for street art, having been the corner stone of Mr. Brainwash’s documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, I am certain this piece of work will go a long way to create positive attention towards Tox’s cause.

2 Responses

  1. Robertbanks

    You sure he’s not taking the piss?
     A little boy with a can of paint  “I’m forever blowing bubbles.”

  2. chris vidal

    no sir, not a piss but homage, he posted it on

    it was not MBW documentary, banksy is the producer and diretor