The latest four new works put up in London by Banksy have caused a small controversy in the graffiti community. The well thought out piece, involving a man wallpapering up a wall of graffiti, just so happens to have been painted over 25 year old piece by London graffiti writer Robbo. With all the hype from these works you can imagine the surprise Robbo got when he saw his work being played with. Being not very happy about this, Robbo took to the work to defend his name. But instead of just doing a messy throw-up over Banksy’s piece, Robbo put some thought into his response to the anonymous artist.

See below for Robbo’s retaliation.


Images Vandalog


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  1. CD1

    Complete and utter sacrilege by Bansky.
    Blasphemous in the extreme.
    How dare he paint over history.

    What on earth gives him the right?

  2. SJ

    It's graffiti, it's ephemeral. Banksy's image was quiet a brilliant homage I say.

  3. Raven

    CD1, if you check the image, Banksy was not the first to write over Robbo’s peice.

    Also, if you think Robbo is up to Banksy’s level, you are definitely mistaken.

    There is a big difference between someone who places a lot of thought into their work and someone who can just spell their name.

  4. Mark Alan Russell

    Banksy wins. Apparently Robbo behaves like a prat – I found this “The Graffoto website claimed that in London Handstyles, a book published this year, Robbo described a tense encounter between them. Recalling how he was introduced to Banksy, Robbo claimed: “He asked what I wrote and I told him. He cockily replied 'never heard of you' so I slapped him and said, 'you may not of heard of me but you will never forget me'.”

  5. demesne

    Robbo’s reply was still just a tag, a turd of the ego, but, wait, did Banksy actually get him thinking enough to include some context, some humour?

    Robbo should thank Banksy for the free tuition.

  6. rblx

    a typical banksy stunt, hasn't done either of them any harm – wouldn't be surprised if it was a collaboration……….

  7. Trev

    It's graffitti and it's organic so get a grip for goodness sake. No one has the right to paint on surfaces of others without their permission so why should it be an issue when someone overwrites other graffiti? I doubt that either writer is that bothered, after all we are all commenting and raising their profile aren't we?

  8. angry

    banksy your wack, leave your toy stencil art on canvasses so you can sell them to movie stars and get rich. writers are lucky if they're shit stays up for 3,6 or 12 months, so for you to go over something thats been there for 25 years, man thats the height of ignorance.

  9. angry

    banksy your wack, leave your toy stencil art on canvasses so you can sell them to movie stars and get rich. writers are lucky if they're shit stays up for 3,6 or 12 months, so for you to go over something thats been there for 25 years, man thats the height of ignorance.

  10. robscobit

    The BANKSY piece was innovative and did a fine job of promoting an ancient piece, that no-one ever saw. Now it is splashed all over the web. This was intentional, I'm sure. If it was meant to me a slap, the man would have been putting wallpaper OVER the piece, not using the piece AS the wallpaper. Plus, the “reply” doesn't look to be done by ROBBO. The style and technique is WEAK, and fonts don't even match. This was most likely done by a BANKSY hater, NOT ROBBO himself.
    Props to BANKSY. And to all you haters, keep hatin.


    boring robbo cheap american hip hop rippoff ..weak lager drinking skunk smoking crap .whats he done since the 80s NOTHING

  12. jess_icat

    You're all a bunch of uneducated swines.

    The people that are backing Banksy don't know shit.

    Go team Robbo!!

  13. c0opertaiveofstreetartists

    Bansky is a careerist one joke Mcdonalds generation sloganeer who appeals to the disaffected think theyre hip mediochrity who try to gain kudos off him by wallowing in his shallow pseudo political messages. Graffiti has always been about individuation with the form out weighing the message. Real graffiti artists live their art and arent out to make pretty pictures for the masses. Bansky gives you what you wnat Robbo gives you what you need. Unfortunately the majority of inbreds fail to see this and confuse this with the ego. Unfortunately we live in a capitalist society where people can only see worth in something that is a service to themselves. “What does it do for me” mentality, everything demoted to a mass produced template. The polished faultless production line creation , sterile ,easily valued mass produced becomes more worthy than the handmade. Wake up people, Robin always wanted to make fools of you and you all fell for it.. all the way to the bank, suckers. Garffiti will always be a political powerful tool when it remains ugly and illegal not some nice forgetable fad slogan on your t-shirt to be marketed and tainted. so kids take a pen and baptise yourselves on the streets write over what you have been forced to endure, reclaim your view from what is essentialy ugly ie man made.become like nature. remember real people dont use masks.

    • Mattandpad

      Robbo gives us what we need? What his name on a wall that’s what we need? Don’t think so. At least Banksy’s pieces have a message.

  14. Spynk Rat

    Nobody seems to care that Robbo did his piece over others writings either…
    Banksy's work gets removed and covered all the time-he doesn't seem to get offended and 'retaliate' .
    Robbo was good for his time but it is Banksy's time now. =)

  15. ??????????????

    Banksy time is up??? he has never had a time as a graffiti artist, Street artist well maybe but there are hundreds of street artist who make his work look shite, COURSE he dosn't get offended he gets payed to much to care.

  16. Australia's Hoodwink

    lol you guys KNOW NOTHING about robbo or peicing, throwies and general grafitti, robbo has earned his place in london he has the balls to go cross a canal to peice, i’m a huge fan of banksy but im just saying it takes months to years to perfect peicing, while stencils take a computer and some scisors. peicing can take between 20 minutes and 2 days, while stencils are a 15 jobby, you watch the dvd exit through the gift shop banksy says him self he tried peicing but he was shit so he took the cheap alternative. there both fucking top artists and this war of there’s is actually quite amusing.

  17. Augs

    Banksy’s a street artist, not a graffiti writer. Two entirely different cultures. Street artist’s shouldnt be stupid enough to go over writers…cos writers are vicious