It seems like Banksy hit New York harder than the Economic crisis did (ok maybe not), but over the past month we’ve certainly seen some major exposure in NYC from the UK artist as he continues to surprise us with more groundbreaking artwork. Shifting away from the stencil and aerosol medium which Banksy is infamous for, the latest body of work from the British artist takes form in animatronics installations. Retaining the cunning messages evident in alot of his work and abiding to his street art roots Banksy states “New Yorkers don’t care about art, they care about pets. So I’m exhibiting them instead. I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming, but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing. I took all the money I made exploiting an animal in my last show and used it to fund a new show about the exploitation of animals. If its art and you can see it from the street, I guess it could still be considered street art.”

In the front window display of the store you will find interesting work ranging from Chicken nuggets sipping on barbeque sauce to Rabbits putting on make up and a Cheetah resting on a branch, while inside you will find fishsticks swimming in fish bowls to Chimpanzees watching chimp porn. I won’t go any further into the details of the specific art work that is being exhibited as it is best that there remains an element of surprise when you discover the store. The exhibition will be on view until the 31st of October, and is held in a tiny storefront (owned by Banksy himself) that is less than 300 square feet located on 89 7th Avenue between West 4th and Bleeker Street in the West Village. Check out the images from below for a look at what this show has to offer. It’s obvious that his work will not end here, so stay tuned for more surprises from one of the most exciting artists of our time.

Visit the official website here for a look at some of the works in video.


Thanks to WoosterCollective and NewYorkTimes for these excellent images.