This week sees the opening of a new group exhibition from legendary New York and Tokyo based street (or should that be field) art collective, The Barnstormers, at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York.

Formed by David Ellis in 1999 when a pilgrimage of twenty-five artists to the rural town of Cameron, North Carolina, where they painted barns, tractor-trailers, shacks, and farm equipment.  The collective continued to work together and have gained a loyal following for their acclaimed “motion paintings” – timelapse videos which depict the making of their murals.

However this new exhibition focuses on the 35 members of the Barnstormers as individual artists, featuring paintings, printmaking, photography, video, installation, and other mediums from artists including: Alex Lebedev, Alice Mazorra, Bluster One, Che Jen, Chris Mendoza, Chuck Webster, Cycle, Daikon, David Ellis, Dennis McNett, Doze Green, Ge-ology, GION, Guillermo Carrion, Joey Garfield, JPL (UFO), KAMI, Kenji Hirata, Kiku Yamaguchi, KR, MADSAKI, Manny Pangilinan (WELLO), Marlene Marino, Martin Mazorra, Maya Hayuk, Mikal Hameed, Mike Houston, Mike Ming, Miyuki (Pai) Hirai, Naomi Kazama, Pablo Power, Paul Coors, Pema Rinzin, ROSTARR, Ryan McGinness, SASU, Shie Moreno, SWOON, West One, Yuri Shibuya, and Yuri Shimojo.

The Barnstormers Group Exhibition opens thisThursday, March 18, 2010 at 6pm and runs until Saturday, April 17, 2010 at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York.

Source: Cool Hunting