Just a few weeks ago we showed you some tee shirts SFMOMA had released for their 75th Anniversary. The tee’s are of course part of a much bigger celebration which started this weekend. A year long exhibition celebrating local and global art.

“To celebrate our anniversary, we present a series of exhibitions and events that illustrates the stories of the artists, collectors, cultural visionaries, and community leaders who founded, built, and have animated the museum. A suite of exhibitions highlights the unique strengths of SFMOMA’s collection and moments when the museum broke new ground, expanding the conventional wisdom of what an art museum should present and collect. Related programs and events continue throughout the year. Join us for a yearlong celebration of the art and artists of our time.”

The year long celebrations will feature some of the greats of the past 75 years, the likes of Pollock, Kahlo, Koons and Sultan, but of course also includes leaders of today, like Barry McGee, who was on site installing his works last week.


Images: Winni Wintermeyer via SFMOMA/Arrested Motion