Barry McGee (TWIST) of San Francisco, is one of the artists commissioned to create installation art in celebration of Pasadena’s Armory Center for the Arts’ 20th anniversary. The show is off site at Known Gallery. McGee’s signature geometric designs are hung in panels of all sizes thoughtfully pieced together to hug and fit the gallery’s own niches, corners and walls. Amongst the tailored panels McGee hangs a reference to Claire Roja’s work with a small tile tucked and hidden near the doorway. McGee’s show also features some kinetic art; one which welcomes you upon entrance, like a store display. There was also a very lurky hand holding a can of Rusto protruding from a tree. McGee also features some of his photos of other writers doing their deeds and pays a tribute to Sace IRAK who passed away this last summer. McGee’s installation satisfyingly delivers all the thrills and goodies of every McGee show, with some new kicks and highlights as well. The show is up at Known Gallery until December 31.





*photos / words by Brianna Bakke and Dan Nguyen