“Rapidly emerging as the hot spot for emerging street and urban artists, Brazil recently flexed its artistic muscles once again in a massive show titled Transfer.

Santander Cultural, the biggest art space in Porto Alegre, Brazil, opened its doors for Transfer, the exhibition showcasing street art with photos, videos, live performances, independent rock, skateboard related art (and actual skating!) underground comics, and fanzine art from the last two decades. Transfer also included original artwork and installations from international acclaimed Brazilian artists with roots in urban culture.”

Some of the finest names in Brazilian art like Herbert Baglione, Nunca, Titi Freak, and Bruno 9li, along with favourites here on SlamxHype from the US like Barry McGee, Evan Hecox, and Todd James all had works on showcase at Transfer. Constructing a very unique mix or works, “the show definitely solidifies Brazil as a creative force to be reckoned with.”

Words and images from Juxtapoz.