Since the Statue of Liberty was gifted to Americans in the 1800s, not much about her has changed… until now. Today, with the help of celebrated Belgian artist Arne Quinze, a colossal 200ft digital sculpture will emerge from her flame torch to launch the world’s biggest cultural commissioning program: The Green Box Project.

Taking over London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome and Milan, Beck’s has commissioned thirty internationally renowned artists to create their own Green Box – an incredible 2m³ acrylic sculpture designed by acclaimed designer Jason Bruges, which will house an exclusive work from each artist. The thirty Green Boxes will form the world’s first Augmented Reality Gallery and in turn inspire creatives the world over to submit their own ideas for the project. It’s a massive bringing together of like-minds to raise awareness for the Beck’s art fund – Beck’s will commission a thousand green boxes conceived by members of the public over the next year, giving support to all artists and continuing to lead as a champion for independent thought.

135 years on and still pushing the boundaries of innovation in art – this time with the use of AR technology – the Beck’s Green Box Project has a roster of the world’s most exciting artists behind its wing. Included in the list are: Bompas & Parr, LuckyMe, Stephen Burks, Meryl Smith, Reed + Rader, Sage Vaughn, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Kate MccGwire, Kenneth Cappello, Kathy Grayson, Petra Storrs, Steven Harrington, Andrew Kuo, Austra, Hannah Barry, Hussein Chalayan, UVA, Warpaint… with Grammy award-winning producer Sam Spiegel and acclaimed photographer Nick Knight leading as Keyholders for the whole campaign. As Keyholders they will together curate the next 1000 Green Boxes over the next few years.

These creative pioneers were commissioned by Beck’s because they represent the true spirit of independent thinking. All their works for The Green Box Project are freed from physical constraints, completely liberated by the unlimited boundaries of a digital green cube. Kate MccGwire’s pigeon feathers, Warpaint ’s 4-walled wonderland, Kenneth Cappello’s skyscraper climbing chihuahua Cicciolina and Austra’s deep sea sunken cityscape will all come to life when the Beck’s Augmented Reality app is turned on.

Available for download on iTunes for iPhone, iPad and Android devices from today onwards, you’ll be able to look at any of the Green Boxes through your smart phones to reveal the unique content contained within it. Click here to see how the Green Box allows your reverie to live in real life.

The Green Box Project blends the physical with the digital, and lives to serve as an inspiration for artists that need a platform for their work. Everyone gets a chance to receive funding, mentorship from Beck’s Keyholders and the opportunity to showcase their ideas on a global scale.

The Green Box Project starts today.