BELEF is a summer arts festival based in Belgrade which focuses on the power of contemporary art, theatre and music in public space. This year’s program builds on last year’s efforts to promote the city and its potential as a cultural metropolis with an exciting calendar of events held throughout July.

On the art side, the festival organizers aim to counter the closing down of museums and dwindling attendance at gallery shows, saying:

“BELEF is the kind of festival that can help in overcoming these problems, turning the city into an exhibition area, and not only during the festival’s one month. The moment for something like this seems almost ideal, seeing that art in public areas is drawing more and more attention around the world. Through a program in which some of the biggest stars of the scene will create works of art in public areas, which will stay as permanent monuments of culture, Belgrade can get on the map of European cities which are worth visiting at least for the art which is found on its streets.”

Here are some of the great things they have lined up over the next couple weeks:

July 22-31: Mark Jenkins – Tape Sculptures

July 22 – SUPER WALL featuring Blu and M-City

July 28-29: Blek Le Rat – Stencil Art in Public Space