Artist, engineer and designer, Benedict Radcliffe fins it hard to explain exactly what it is he does. However the one continuous stream is his aesthetic, playful, clean and energetic. With some well known works under his belt such as a two rear-ended car, a wire framed sculpture of a Nike Air Max shoe and six seater motorbike.

Honda has launched their ‘Dream Factory’ project, an exciting new venture set to accentuate the ideas, visions, dreams and innovations of a select group of creative individuals. From musicians, artists, film-makers and product designers to social entrepreneurs, the concept of the Dream Factory is to inspire and motivate the creative mind.

The video below interviews London based designer Benedict Radcliffe on his work from inside his studio as one of the Dream Factory’s cultural engineers. A great insight to a guy who is creating some of the most engaging 3D works right now.

Images Dream Factory UK