Yet another exciting art show opening at The Constant Gallery in Los Angeles. This time around, witty and multi-talented New Yorker Bill McMullen–who is responsible for more recognizable and iconic imagery than most realize. His one man show “Hype, Hustle, Rip-Off ” is a multimedia collection of paintings, wooden “objects”, sculptures and concept pieces based on the current events, commentaries on todays culture of Hype, Hustle, (and yes) Rip- Off, mixed with clever observations, a love of guns, Star Wars, and hip-hop. The opening reception took place on Saturday, February 21st, drawing flocks of hipsters, collectors, art aficionados, artists and celebrities.

The crowd was greeted in front of the gallery by a professional sign spinner that spun a large arrow that read “Hype” in front of the gallery’s custom neon sign that was made specifically for this exhibit.
In the gallery’s front courtyard, guests approach a giant basketball backboard in the shape of a fist, complete with a hoop. As one walks into the crowded installation space, the first thing noticed is a florescent pedestal with “Billions McMillons” wooden slabs of faux money, as well as large art pieces on the walls, wooden sculptures, paintings, and an R2D2 inspired boom box followed by three life-sized mannequins dressed in custom “brand inspired camo,” complete with machine guns and large, aluminum brand inspired camo backdrops hanging from the ceiling. Next to this installation was a large wooden painting with a repetition of the word “Destroy.” It seems that the attendees were shocked and awed by the art but most people “got” the concepts. Bill McMullen roamed the crowds, along with Adam Yauch from Beastie Boys and actor John C. Reilly, who both were very interested in all of the art. Overall this was yet another very strong opening night at the Constant Gallery that curated fantastic cutting-edge art- definitely worth seeking out.

Hype, Hustle, Rip-Off February 21st until March 28th.

The Constant Gallery
2673 La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA