Half Gallery co-owner Bill Powers is currently sharing a group show curated by Neville Wakefield entitled¬†“Normal Dimensions”.

The morning after the very successful opening for ‘Normal Dimensions’ group show curated by Neville Wakefield shown at Half Gallery, Bill Powers kindly invited us in to cover the show and ask a few questions about the works involved.

The theme for the show was really created by it’s curator, Neville Wakefield. Bill shared a quote from New York mag art critic Jerry Saltz saying “an artist is someone with the ability to embed thought in material”, “I totally agree.” Also touching on this aspect Powers states “In this heavily advanced technical world it is amazing how we still throw a little voodoo in there with our superstitions, for example, this peacock feather is, for some people, good luck, but it can also mean bad luck”. A simple everyday object, that can at times mostly be disregarded, can hold so much for one individual.

Neville and Bill’s friendship was started through mutual friends, “we go upstate to visit Richard Prince’s library together, and have mutual art world friends, stuff like that.” Wakefield, a close friend of the artist Hanna Liden, first came to Half Gallery to see Hanna Liden’s solo show and after being extremely impressed by her show, Wakefield proposed to Bill he do something in the gallery this summer. So it was on.

‘Normal Dimensions’ consists of an all female artist line up including Olympia Scarry, Carol Bove, Susan Collis and Xaviera Simmons and whilst sitting in the gallery Bill comments on the works existing in the very small space, “even though there are six works in here, mostly sculptural, it still feels rather empty, which is nice for us.” ‘Normal Dimensions’ is to run through until mid August, Powers stating he likes to change up the gallery every month or there abouts adding, “I feel it is better to keep up the momentum of your gallery by doing so, people usually come by for the opening or within the next couple of weeks, so if they haven’t come by by then, then….”.

Next up? Los Angeles artist Geoff Mc Fetridge is to show some fantastic looking works, lots of signature geometric shapes and block color can be expected, opening mid September 2010.

Bill Powers on his self portrait above, “Sean Combs posted a shot of himself at The Louvre with the most famous female portrait in the world and this is my tribute to that spectacular moment. Its the ultimate party picture. I also like the positioning in that you can’t get very close to her. She is literally unapproachable. Maybe that’s why Diddy loves her.”

Images by Othelo Gervacio of Slamxhype

Words by Yasmine Bryce