Over the years BMW has offered great contemporary artists the chance to express themselves on the surfaces of a variety of the marque´s sports cars. However, the art performance created by the young South-African Robin Rhode daringly moves beyond the concept behind the BMW Art Car Collection. Instead, the BMW Z4 is used as a paint brush in which he applies paint via the tires on to a 100m by 200m canvas. Take a look at the video inside.


Here the car is no longer just a stunning model, but itself executing artist. “This work is an expression of painting in action – my hope is to communicate the power and thrill inherent in the creation of art”, says Rhode. “For me, the use of an untraditional paintbrush like a high performance car is a great way to investigate the relationship between emotion, technology and industrial creativity.” The development of the picture, this process of formation itself is as important as the completed oeuvre. For this reason the Z4 performance is suggestively titled “An Expression of Joy”.

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