BRAUN is a company that holds a very unique place in the history of design. Founded by Max BRAUN, a mechanical engineer in Frankfurt am Main in 1921 his design concept was ground breaking at the time for incorporating certain plastic materials and later coincided with the concept of German modern industrial design and its combination of functionality and technology. BRAUN continued to produce state-of-the art radios and audio equipment, and in 1956 introduced its now famous SK-4 record player. Braun soon became well known for its ‘high-fidelity’ audio and record players.

Another influential figure at BRAUN was Dieter Rams, who up until 1995 was heavily involved as the head of design. Rams was a key figure in the German design renaissance of the late 1950s and 1960s, Rams’ influence was soon evidenced in many products. Braun’s famous SK-4 record player and the high-quality ‘D’-series (D45, D46, D47) of 35mm slide projectors are some of the better examples of Functionalist design although his influence is countless. Rams’ also recently held a showcase of his work in London at the Design Museum, which recognized this true great.

The timing of this book entitled BRAUN Fifty Years of Design and Innovation, is slated for 2010 and documents one of the most successful design companys ever. In addition, this celebration also coincides with Undercover’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection which is completely derived from BRAUN’s earlier work in which Rams was so hugely pivotal.

You can pre-order BRAUN Fifty Years of Design and Innovation from Amazon.

Thanks to Selectism for the heads up.