Brett Westfall will be releasing a book titled Hallucinations of Patterson in a comic book style format slated to release August 16th. The book will be released at his upcoming show, “Pencil,” at the Untitled Gallery in Los Angeles. The book is a factual account of the events that led to the inspiration for his Sherf paintings, which ultimately were made into shirts for the Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons line for women and an Unholy Matrimony version for men. The book also features photography highlighting the signs on the side of the  that Westfall and his Unholy Matrimony partner, Greg Richmond, encountered on their strange detour while driving in Northern California. The book will be available at the CDG +1 213 Guerrilla Store, MOCA, Santa Monica Museum of Art, and retail locations that carry Unholy Matrimony and Comme des Garcons.