Two distinguished Japanese artists in the shape of the hugely talented Tomoo Gokita and  Kagawa native Hiroki Tskuda have teamed up with young Belgian painter Rinus van de Velde to feature in an exciting group exhibition at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND in Tokyo. This group exhibition will also consist of works that each artist have created using traditional Japanese painting technique Sumi-e providing a unique element to the exhibition.

Drawing with charcoal by the hand drawing, 27 year old Rinus vad de Velde has already attracted high attention by the art scene in Europe recently. Rinus’s work is derived from a classical technique that draws direct inspiration old magazines and photographs from newspaper clippings. He works freely by crossing, past, present and future showing universality of our managing in everyday life.

Tomoo Gokita built his career as an illustrator in the 1990’s, and has boasted of charismatic popularity in print and various canvases. Though his talent came up to be able to be admitted suddenly even by the art scene with the painting announced in recent years. The work of Tomoo field where the influence of music and the subculture that restructure the boundary of the high and low art. It has a huge influence on a lot of young artists.

Hiroki Tsukuda who is skilful in a plane, structural abstraction expression his work is based on themes like light and shadow, construction, nature, and natural recognition and mistake. The work of Hiroki is using black ink, pencil and charcoal. The world of Hiroki’s works which the nature compared with straight line artificial material and colors of shadow civilized society now at the time of alive of us is sharply reflected though it has futuristic atmosphere somewhere.