The Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera makes for a compelling addition with a design of mass proportions. The design is derived from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which first released in 2008, the first DSLR still image camera with the ability to record video at high definition quality, it and subsequent entries, like the EOS 7D, blurred the line between videographer and photographer. Featuring a new 8.29-megapixel CMOS sensor highlighted by a Super 35mm film camera, the EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera is able to take up 4K resolution. With two versions of the camera in production, the first for EF lens mount where the full range of Canon DSLR lens can be use, the latter is a PL mount, to be use with film industry standard PL lens. Both feature dual CF card slots for simultaneous recording, attachment points for various accessories, and a seamless integration with third-party editing tools. The EF mount version will be available from January 2012 with the PL mount to follow in March 2012.