Celeb Graffiti

For a select few celebrities, it isn’t enough that they appear on movie screens, billboards, and the covers of magazines. They feel the need to take to the streets and write — frequently terrible — graffiti on anything and everything.

Why do these celebrities feel the need to co-op this decades-old form of self-promotional art? Is it boredom? Artistic antsiness? An insatiable narcissism? Either way, celebrity graffiti art exists and here’s five men who practice it.

Jim Carrey

Celeb Graffiti

A few years ago, Jim Carrey bombed the side of his own West Village, NYC home with a brightly colored painting that looked something like a cross between a palm tree, a single sperm, and the album art for Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah, Pt. 2. Basically it sucks.

John Cusack

Celeb Graffiti

When ’80s movie icon John Cusack isn’t coming up with new designs for his Macaulay Culkin-as-Christ fashion label or obsessing over 2Pac, he’s writing actually kind-of good graffiti on the streets of L.A. Is it a troll? You decide, read the SlamXHype exposé “What Has John Cusack Been Up To?“.

David Arquette

After the first Scream, it was pretty much downhill for David Arquette in the movie business, and seeing as that came out in 1996, he’s had to find something besides Eight Legged Freaks and It’s A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie to occupy this time. He’s turned to graffiti to fill that void.

Apparently, he’s been a big enough hit be featured in the above video.

Chris Brown

Celeb Graffiti

Chris Brown pretty much can’t do anything right, even graffiti. First it was terrifying his neighbors’ kids with a set of terrifying monsters he painted on the side of his driveway. Then it was him pissing off his main squeeze Karrueche Tran when he painted the same faces on his $90,000 Porsche.

Justin Bieber

Celeb Graffiti

On the international leg of his Believe Tour, everyone’s least favorite 19-year-old R&B singer got himself into trouble in at least three countries — Australia, Brazil, and Colombia — for his newly discovered affinity for graffiti, especially his tag “Free Breezy”.

Honorable Mention: People Who Write Graffiti About Celebrities!

“Ross Is Not Cool”

Celeb Graffiti

He may not be the artist, but David Schwimmer was the celeb victim of a New York graffiti writer: the Friends star got a rude welcome to his new West Village apartment when a “Ross Is Not Cool” tag appeared next-door.

What if, alternatively, Schwimmer actually has the best sense of humor in the world, and he himself did the tag just to see how the world would react? #Meta.

“Rod Stewart Loves The Hamptons”

Celeb Graffiti

There’s a whole website dedicated to the “Rod Stuart Loves The Hamptons” tag. It’s amazing.


Celeb Graffiti


Though he began his career superimposing Tom Hanks‘ face over Banksy images, now Hanksy trolls all celebs equally.