James Marshall AKA Dalek presents his newest solo show ‘Chaos on the Edge of Reason’ during the Agenda Open House at Hurley(Costa Mesa), on August 4th. The show is in part based around a 8-foot high, 37-foot continuous wall mural from which the painting will be sold by the foot and cut out and framed per purchase. Priced at $200 per square foot, the canvases will be available in 2′ x 2′ foot, 3′ x 3′ foot and 4′ x 4′ foot sizes.

Chaos on the Edge of Reason
Agenda Open House at Hurley.
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
7:00pm – 10:00pm

Hurley’s Space art gallery
1945 Placentia Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Link: Juxtapoz