It cannot be denied that Charming Baker has tremendous talent. His ability to pair technical skill with a keenly honed sense of humor has resulted in a highly original and engaging style that is gaining a passionate following around the world. As his New York City solo exhibition, which features 16 new oil paintings and 4 limited edition premium fine art prints, draws near, the elegantly off-beat Englishman reveals the story behind one of the pieces, “A Portrait of Michelle With Several Minor Adjustments”.

“Lot of people did portraits of Barack Obama,” he explains. “I wanted to paint Michelle. But I couldn’t get it right. Then I had the idea that I could just cut the face out of the painting, move things round a bit and stick it back together in. So that’s what I did.” Preview several more works from the show below and if you are in New York this Thursday, May 13th, make sure to stop in for the opening reception from 6pm.

“Stupid Has A New Hero – New Paintings by Charming Baker” takes place at the NY Studio Gallery, 154 Stanton St NY 1002. runs from May 14-30. Find out more about Charming Baker at