In an exhibition of public protest, Chinese Artist Xing Xin has sealed himself inside an iron box on Venice’s Murano Island. Concurrent with the 53rd Venice Art Biennale, this demonstration is Xin’s response to China’s one child per couple policy. Embarking on this isolated journey this past Monday evening, Xing Xin is set to spend 49 days in the box. The iron box, which measures two meters long, 90 cm wide and 90 cm high, is equipped with 2 waterproof LED TVs that are connected to two cameras inside, allowing the public to view the artist. This project is located outside the future home of Spazio Berengo, a contemporary glass fine art museum set to open in the Fall. Adriano Berengo, Director of Spazio Berengo and organizer of Glasstress – a collateral exhibition of the Venice Biennale, is the main sponsor of this project.

While in isolation, Xin will spend his time counting the characters in the 150-part set of Chinese school books, ‘The Textbooks of Nine-year Compulsory Education.” He will not be freed until completing the task. The iron box has been specially constructed so that Xin will be able to receive food and water as well as deal with bodily functions. His two assistants will monitor him throughout his ordeal – which will ultimately be filmed.

Xing Xin said of this demonstration, “Maybe because of the loneliness in my deep heart, I want to tell something. Or maybe because I am the only child, I want to show off my uniqueness.”

Plans are in the works to recreate this demonstration using a glass box in coordination with the Venice Biennale collateral exhibition Glasstress, which is open at the Palazzo Franchetti in San Marco until November 22.
Take a look at images of this extreme act of artistic protest below.

Info: SGL Associates