An exciting issue of Clark Magazine is available now featuring two icons of diverse backgrounds and generations, with JR and Takashi Murakami coming together to great effect.

CLARK MAGAZINE has decided to enclose with its 10th year of existence with a bang and to get involved. The French magazine was eager to bring together those two artists – that most certainly are the one who most impacted the magazine’s history. And as it happens they are both – at the same time – in the Gallery Perrotin’s three spaces until 7 January 2012.

On one side, JR, 28, is exhibiting his work from 19 November 2011 in the Gallery Perrotin. This includes new photos, one art assemblage, movies as well as an art collage on the entire front of the gallery. They will all be presented as part of the exhibition Encragesuntil 7 January 2012. For Clark, JR found time to take a picture of him and Takashi Murakami in his studio “Inside Out”, posing with is now legendary background.

On the other side, Takashi Murakami, the artist with the “Superflat” style honours yet again the sacrosanct magazine cover which marks his last stay in Paris on the occasion of the tribute he is paying to Yves KLEIN since 20th October.

Clark Magazine immortalizes this meeting, through a unique and historical cover mixing both high and sub-culture. This issue includes a special 12-page with the making-of of the meeting, an interview of JR – in the middle of putting together his exhibition – in his Parisian studio.