“L.E.S. Captured” is a new exhibition by Clayton Patterson that documents the recent history of New York’s Lower East Side, from one of the most notoriously dark areas of the city to hipster hang out.  Hosted by Alife Presents and Kinz + Fine Art, the exhibition features a selection of photographs, a digital showcase of Patterson’s Front Door portraits and “The Documentarian” a short film from Ben Solomon, Dan Levin, Jenner Furst.

A photographer and community activist, Patterson has been living and documenting the Lower East Side since the beginning of the 80s and this exhibition gives a fascinating insight into the areas forgotten citizens, as well as the economic and cultural development of an urban environment.

The CLAYTON PATTERSON: L.E.S. CAPTURED exhibit is one of a 3-part celebration of Patterson’s work and legacy.  The exhibition takes place Alife Presents, New York from September 25th – October 8th.  A book signing and theatre-screening will also soon be announced.

Visit Alife Presents for more information.