iO’s group show ‘Climb in the Back Window’ opens in Philly next week!!  Featuring Anthony Lister, Cheryl Dunn, Ricky Powell, Skullphone, Ale Zuek, Curtis Kulig, Luiza Sa (of CSS renown), Erik Otto, Various and Gould, and iO herself, if you will be anywhere REMOTELY nearby on May 6th you absolutely must go check it out.  


As if that artist list isn’t enticing enough, copies of Cheryl Dunn’s book “Some Kinda Vocation” (with included DVD), signed, numbered prints from Erik Otto, and hand-screened t-shirts and posters from iO will also be available for purchase at extreeeeemely attractive prices.


Here’s how iO herself describes the event:

“I pulled together an international amalgam of artists, with a street background of some kind, and asked a few of them to create site specific installations. The aim was to be raw, playful, un-pretentious, and inspiring, especially to those who lack the cash to buy art and supplies. With that in mind, we’re showing a set of photos shot on disposable cameras, three of the artists will be painting straight on the walls, and all the work has been priced for a ‘recession special’.”


So here’s where you’re going and when on May 6th:

Shadow’s Space and Kung Fu Necktie

1248-50 N. Front St

Philadelphia, PA

Opening Reception: 7-10pm

After Party: 9-2am (with performance by Chris Devlin (Spank Rock/Devlin & Darko) and Roofeeo (The Death Set))


**You can read more about the artists and find links to their sites here:
Check back after the opening for work for sale online.