Examining the 21st Century Identity Crisis, Collage Culture is a new book written by Aaron Rose and Mandy Kahn and designed by Brian Roettinger. A companion recording of this incendiary work of non-fiction contains readings of the book’s texts with an original score created specifically for this project by NO AGE. In addition a limited edition boxed set was created to accompany the release of the book.

“The creative act is no longer the act creation: instead it’s the choosing, collecting, ordering, cutting and pasting of the extant; it¹s about having favorites and displaying them, commenting on them, using them as parts. Our musicians, designers, writers and bloggers are collage artists now, trained in assemblage, their signatures embedded in their subtle acts of choice. But what does it feel like to live in a decade so in love with the past that it cuts it up and uses it as wallpaper? How did we get here? Will we get out, and should we want to?” – Aaron Rose

Collage Culture will launch on Thursday, November 17 in New York at Printed Matter, and it would be well worth checking out the reading, signing and collageing the front of the store.