Video is becoming the new way in which brands are now launching their collections and new products online. A great way to get a full bodied feel for what the product and brand stand for, where they come from and where they are wanting to go. A way for them to be perceived in a fuller light alongside music, visuals and sometimes script. Comme des Garcons have just launched their new fragrance called ‘Wonderwood’ with which they have released this short film to go with, Directed by the Brother Quay.

It’s very clever and imaginative. Watch ‘Wonderwood’ short film below.

Video from LOVE

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  1. Alexander James

    So true that brands now use video more than print in a push towards digital campaigning – what a changing industry we have on our hands. You can see our recent Fashion video shot by Alexander James and the Distil Ennui studio collective website.

    You can see more from the shoot and background production shots at our BLOG..

    All the images are available at our stock library