Conor Harrington is back in New York City. Well, his mural is, anyway. The New Order Issue 01’s featured artist painted an attention-grabbing mural during his visit to the city for Lazarides’ Outsiders show last Fall.

We were very disappointed when it was announced that the piece had been covered by this illegal advertisement.


Fortunately, our friend Jordan from Public Ad Campaign, provided us with this fantastic update this morning:

“From the look of things, it would seem PublicAdCampaign and Dick Chicken liberated the Conor Harrington mural that had been covered by NPA City Outdoor so callously just weeks before. The mural had for a long time adorned the corner of west 13th street and Washington until recently. It was brought to my attention by Luna Park and Allan Molho that NPA had thrown up a wildposting panel directly on top of the piece. Unable to come to grips with this injustice, I find this newly uncovered mural even more exciting than before.”