D.I.Y. AMERICA is a new films series put together by Wieden+Kennedy’s new WK Entertainment iniative, WKE is a content creation platform, a positive move from the advertising agency with the future of advertising headed directly towards content and its intergration and engagement. WKE calls upon Aaron Rose, good friend of SLAMXHYPE and regular The New Order Magazine columnist, to create a series of short films, as stated, entitled D.I.Y. AMERICA. In the legacy of the great Beautiful Losers documentary, the films focus on the street’s impact on art, and the ‘Do it yourself’ philosophy behind our current era of art. Already loaded onto the site are films showcasing Os Gemeos and Swoon, and a mini series called ‘Skate and Create’.

Check out D.I.Y. AMERICA here.

Thanks to ST for the heads up.