Dalek and Delta are about to let loose their colorful masterpieces on the London art world: the prestigious Elms Lesters has recently announced a two man exhibition set to open August 28th, with a private viewing on the evening of the 27th.


Here is the press release below.


28 August – 26 September 2009
Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm, Thursdays ’til 8pm

This exhibition brings together two International painters of magnitude.

James Marshall, aka DALEK, who currently lives in Carolina, and Amsterdam based Boris Tellegen, aka DELTA, are both masters of their handling of colour and texture.

Marshall, who spent a year as an assistant to Takashi Murakami, has developed and honed a technique of meticulously applying flat blocks of colour, whilst playing with shapes and exaggerated optical perspectives.

“Two changes in technique have recently allowed DALEK to ratchet the spatial complexity up a notch. In linear terms, there’s an increased overlapping between forms whilst, in colour terms, subverting the light-to-dark or conversely dark-to-light build-up of tonal depth by interjecting chop-change colour values at will across the picture plane to break up conventional recession “ Ben Jones – art historian

Conversely, Tellegen is constantly experimenting with his his complex ‘architectural’ paintings, collages and 3D sculptural wall pieces, discovering, through his use of colour and references to urban decay, how to play with perspectives through the build up of textures and shadows.

“There’s an openness in DELTA’s practice to organic breakdown which might at first seem antithetical to the precision of his work’s apparently precise graphic underpinning. Thinking back to one of his street pieces, with the moss proliferating and gradually covering the relief, helps point up in a rare natural example a key conceptual theme for DELTA throughout: the organic system and its threat to subsume the man-made.” Ben Jones – art historian

Private View: Thursday 27th August between 6 – 9pm