The world’s highest paid contemporary artist Damien Hirst will open at Sotheby’s salesroom in London tonight (15th) and tommorow (16th) a breakthrough two-day only auction, jumping the gallery space straight to the salesroom denying the dealers a cut. Auctioneered by Oliver Barker, the two day sale will seek owners for 223 lots of original artwork and is expected to realise a sum in excess of £65 million. Prices range from around £15,000-20,000 (for a range of new drawings) up to the £8,000,000-12,000,000 estimate attached to The Golden Calf (Taking Biblical reference from the story of Moses, and defined as “the pursuit or idolisation of material wealth” in the Collins English Dictionary), The auction will also include an important collection of other new pieces which have been created over the past two years, including a series of formaldehyde sculptures; paintings which expand on the artist’s classic themes such as butterflies, cancer cells and pills; exquisite new cabinets and insightful preparatory drawings as well as exciting variations on many of the key themes that have defined Hirst’s work to date.

I highly recommend that you click here to take a look at a video review of some the notable items that will be available at the auction tonight. Otherwise take a look at the full 9 page catalogue of the items available in the Sotheby’s website here. or take a look at the amazing images below from Zimbio.

Info: Sotheby’s