Damien Hirst ‘s ‘End Of An Era’ opens at Gagosian Gallery, Madison Avenue, on the 30th January 2010. Bringing over to the US shores, Damien Hirst offers new paintings and sculpture with the centerpiece being a severed bull’s head with golden horns and crowned with a solid gold disc entitled ‘The Golden Calf’. According to the Gagosian press release, “While ‘The Golden Calf’ symbolized the worshiping of a false idol, with End of an Era (2009) Hirst demystifies the biblical tale and, by extension, debunks his own myth-making”. The other significant centre piece is called ‘Painful Memories, Forgotten Tears’ which consists of two fine wooden boxes, hug on the wall side by side, with layers and layers of diamonds lined up along wooded paneled sections.

“End of an Era” runs from January 30 – March 6, 2010 at Gagosian Gallery.

See below for preview images.


‘The Golden Calf’


‘Painful Memories, Forgotten Tears’


‘Painful Memories, Forgotten Tears’

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