With thousands of ‘street photographers’ around it is only refreshing to have a version come around that is not only witty but very talented. Parisian, The Unknown Hipster has recently just moved to NYC where he has just attended the opening night for Damien Hirst’s exhibition ‘End Of An Era’ and instead of taking endless mediocre photos of the famous go-ers and party people, The Unknown Hipster has hand drawn senarios and well know faces with clever and more-than-likely subtitles. He is definitely worth the time and you can catch a huge feature on him inside Issue three of our The New Order magazine here.

See paintings and captions below.

For images above.. ‘Like Karl, Damien wears lots of Gothic rings : skulls and gargoyles.’


Larry talking to Mick Jagger


Terry ‘the master of Fashion vanitas, was there !’ and the Tank


Viewers in front of “Painful Memories/ Forgotten Tears.” Gold plated,  glass and cubic zirconia

See more of his work here