As renowned as he may be Damien Hirst fans and admirers have never had one central location to explore the arist’s complete body of work until today as we see the launch of The world can now browse over 250 pieces from the Hirst’s catalogue cross-referencing 31 prolific years of work. The most intriguing aspect of the freshly launched site is the live stream from within Hirst’s studio space. For such a high profile artist to allow the world to see his creative process is rare yet Hirst, understanding the power of the digital world as well as his inherent star power, banks on the masses flocking to his site for glimpses of his next brilliance in the making. I wonder how he will truly use this live streaming platform. Could we see artist visit interviews, Hirst Q&A sessions, or would it just be a 24/7 big brother event? Never the less take the time to browse the available catalogue.