Here is an exciting new project from longtime friends Rankin and Damien Hirst that fuses together their diverse mediums culminating in a quite impressive body of works. Enitled “Myths, Monsters and Legends,” brings together the photographer and the artist with great effect with a series of monsters with an ancient appeal that characterisers both artists aesthetic. With inspiration derived from model Dani Smith as they depict menacing beasts and ethereal bodies based on a mystical era the exhibition opens on October 13 and runs until November 7 at RANKIN Gallery in Los Angeles.

RANKIN Gallery / 8070 Melrose Ave. / Los Angeles / CA 90046 / United States

2 Responses

  1. Peter Gravelle

    So, Hirst is now a Photo Stylist !!!!
    All of these images are rip-offs of other material .
    Not too creative for the “Worlds Best-Paid Artist”
    Retire now, don’t torture us with this drivel anymore please .
    U have enough money , it’s no longer funny .
    U don`t move me anymore .
    A sad state of affairs .
    If this continues London will soon loose it’s standing in the artworld . 
    We will be reduced to another Berlin .